One of my favorite ways to decorate the walls in my home is by using mirrors. They reflect natural light in a space and come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, making them a popular decor option for many homeowners. However, there is one problem that tends to arise when working with these decorative accents: sticker shock. Yes, mirrors are beautiful and they can easily tie a room together, but sometimes, the prices retailers expect you to pay for them are a bit much. As someone who is constantly working on a tight budget, I'm always looking for ways to achieve a chic, designer look without breaking the bank.
If you have champagne taste but are restricted to a beer budget and love to DIY whenever you get the chance, why not create a trendy, decorative mirror of your own? To find out how to put together a fun, chic bubble mirror, check out the tutorial below!    

How To Create A Bubble Mirror With Plastic Easter Eggs!